IT IS THE SHOOTERS RESPONSIBILITY TO BE SURE HE SHOOTS THE CORRECT TARGET.  At sign in shooters will draw benches and match director will assign shooters to a bench, relay and bench number will then be written on the bottom of your target in the space provided, on the top of target a specific caliber  will be noted in large black numbers, When shooters come to the firing line, shooters are to be sure that these are correct for their respective positions and rifle caliber shot.

NEW FOR 2012

Shooters  shooting the wrong target will be considered a crossfire and penalized by the crossfire rules . To clarify this, if a target is posted on or in the target frame you are shooting and it is an incorrect target I.E, you are shooting a .224 cal. and a .30 cal. is posted, that is an incorrect target. SHOOTERS IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE SURE IT IS RIGHT.

Cross fires will result in a one point deduction per record bull shot. The offense is to be reported to the RANGE OFFICER at the time of and before the relay is over either by the guilty party or by the person who is shot upon. Handled correctly the guilty party may then shoot his own target and receive his penalty, the person who is shot upon may shoot his target when the trasgression is noted by the RANGE OFFICER. If only the sighter is involved no penalty is incurred.

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