Equipment rules are oriented around what we already have, nothing new is required for this game.

Classes define what we are trying to do, namely get existing rifles on the shooting line, and get the utmost accuracy from each class. Calibers not to exceed .30 caliber.

Four classes will be contested: A gun may be shot up in class but never down. Example, a factory gun may be shot in custom, but custom never in factory.

Factory class;     There is no easy definition of factory so in response to requests made 40-x Remingtons will be allowed providing they have a Remington proof mark or name on the barrel, or a letter of verification that they were made by Remington. If no mark is found or letter accompanies a gun it is MODIFIED.  This will apply to Coopers, Sako’s, Kimbers, Savages or any other gun maker. Any letter must include the caliber and serial number of said gun.  THIS APPLIES TO MAJOR MARKET MANUFCTURES ONLY, IF KELBY PUTS A STAMP OR MARK ON A BARREL IT IS STILL A CUSTOM GUN……

Triggers may be tuned or replaced, original stocks May be bedded or replaced by another stock that was or is being used by the manufacturer, I.E. the current Remington stocks without the bedding blocks may be replaced by an H.S. Precision stock with a bedding block as Remington uses that stock also. Barrel crowns may be recut. Barrels cannot be removed or replaced even by a barrel of same manufacture.  Any evidence of changes other than those listed will place your gun in the modified class. Guns are to be fired from two piece rests with sand bags utilized in conjunction with rests front and rear. Any attachments to stocks are restricted to the front portion of stock and may not exceed three inches in width. MAX .30 CALIBER.

WEIGHT LIMIT is 13.5 lbs.

MODIFIED class:    Any of factory class actions that are modified, WEIGHT LIMIT 13.5 lbs. This includes rebarreling, restocking with any flat bottomed stock, rechambering, etc. Stocks not to exceed three inches in width. MAX .30 CALIBER.

CUSTOM class;  WEIGHT limit 13.5 lbs. Stocks not to exceed three inches in width. This will be your mail ordered rifle, whether you order it in parts or as a whole. Even if you bought it used, someone at one time ordered it. These are the Kelby’s, Bats, Stillers and all others of this type.  MAX .30 CALIBER

UNLIMITED class; Anything over 13.5 lbs. Pretty much wide open and one piece rests may be used. Max. of .3o caliber.

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