Dear shooters, past, present and all who may consider joining in the fun and competition of the shooting sports.

My name is Danny Hensley  and have been an enthusiast of any form of shooting, hunting and other outdoor adventures all my life. The last five years has been almost exclusively revolved around the disicipline known as Score Shooting and I am still an active member of the International Benchrest Shooters. Nothing contained herein is intended to diminish any organization. This is merely an attempt to introduce another way to enjoy and further the shooting sports. Every effort will be made to insure a fun, safe, educational and competitive atmosphere within the shooting sports.

No membership is required to participate in this format, just read all rules and classifications, determine where you would like  shoot and come on out.

I may be reached at: 276-393-2206 or 276-346-2696

E-mail:    prologr@peoplepc.com

Thank you

Danny Hensley